The Best Flowering Shrubs to Add to Your Garden


No matter if your home garden is new and small, or overgrown and full, there is always room for an attractive flowering shrub. Blooms, variations, and species are endless, offering everything from year-round beauties to seasonally inspired flowers to brighten up your garden space. Here’s a list of a few must-haves in your garden this year:




This unique, beautiful shrub shows its colors in the fall. Blooms are red, white, with varying shades of pink. Shrubs are great for areas that have light shades. Colorful and resilient, these flowers provide a pop of color year-round.




This classic front porch, hedge, or garden addition holds a beauty that is timeless and peaceful. Some species even change colors throughout the fall and winter months with vibrant yellow and orange leaves.


Japanese Pieris


This evergreen shrub stays vibrant and green all throughout the winter, blooming in the summertime and remaining colorful even in the colder months. This beautiful shrub comes in varieties of red, pink, white, closely resembling lily of the valley.


Mock Orange


Yes, these blossoms mimic the scent of oranges when they bloom! This shrub’s large, white, citrus-smelling blossoms does great in partial or full sunlight, great for perfuming outdoor sitting areas or entryways.


Mountain Laurel


If you happen to live somewhere with particularly high elevation or sand, then mountain laurel is the perfect shrub for you. These beautiful pink, blush, and red blossoms resemble shell-like cups, flourishing in partially shady, sandy, or elevated environments.




Lilac can grow to an impressive 10 to 12 feet in the spring! These highly anticipated blooms function best in full sunlight. They are available in select varieties, including miniature versions for gardens smaller in size. If you’re looking for the perfect shrub to prepare for spring, lilacs will not disappoint!

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